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I'm almost on my way home to BC.

Time has skipped and jumped past me this summer.

Been super busy with my head in the book, and this morning I woke up and realized it is August 10th. In a month and approx a week give or take, Robert and I will take the next step to moving back home. For those of you who do not know, I am leaving before Robert does. We are going to drive together as far as we can in his September break. He will fly back and I carry on from there solo. With Carly of course.

I am planning on a good stay in Manitoba as I come across Canada. I want to see everyone in my family this time, some for the first time. There has been so much illness in that part of the family this year and I really appreciate the fact that I can still visit with them!

Eventually, Robert and I will meet up again in Edmonton. He has the 2nd year apprenticeship, the one he postponed in the beginning of the year. The motor home is going into storage in Edmonton for this winter, and in Mid December we will be back in BC to relocate in t…