An interesting or thought provoking message this morning. 

When this message started to come in on Friday I was literally shown an image of the 3d crashing into the 4th and 5th dimensions and the result was chaos. The image was given to me to let me know that I too had free will and could go about my journey with personal choices. I was instructed to let go of anything that was creating this friction in my experience of the transition. 


Creation and destruction are part of the same whole. You can not separate the two and that is why you “had” to explore who you were in the light and the dark.

Creation is all about transmuting and transforming. However, you must have something to transmute and transform from. In conception this is also true, energy and though are the spark, the Verses Pisces that starts you all. An egg and sperm merge together (destruction) to create a single cell which then starts division (creation). Both creation and destruction are present in this process.

In the 3d you were very much about polarities, judgement, physical attachments. In order to move through the 4d and into the 5d energies you are going to have to have detachments, acceptance and a range of understanding. A growing up in thought.
It really comes down to two decisions always. If you want to view it as data is it really just a one and a zero. Free will gives you this choice. Free will exists in all aspects, not just the incarnate. You have free will in soul, spirit, and in light. The question is always the same in the end. Do you engage or observe?

Your ability to move to the 5d and therefore manifest on a celestial level is dependent on this understanding. Are you with me? You can not take your thoughts to a higher level if they are based on lower level processes.

With understanding of this universal nature, also see that there is never one without the other. Let’s look at it this way, let’s say Alberta, Canada has had perfect weather, a great growing season, and economic prosperity. Then there is a place in the world at the same time that is experiencing the opposite. However, both are of equal value to the Universal source.

The key to the 5d is really the understanding of this system, so that your manifestations can balance the ebb and flow. Extremes are of the past. Tuning in is the future. Being aware that a tree must fall eventually so that growth in the forest can continue is the understanding you want to reach. Trying to hold onto that single tree and prevent its transmutation is what causes the extreme of a forest fire.

The clearing happening today is due to hanging on, old systems of judgement and misunderstandings of spirit. You are in an extreme situation because of lack of awareness, and now is the time to let go of the 3d, allow this destruction and moving into the new creation…

Allow that balance back into life.



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