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August 28th 2016 Converstaion with Eant on Specturm.

So Eant has been around basically pointing things out for me to pay attention too. It feels like it is in between his studies… if that it the right word for what he is doing here.

Then the other day he asked me to pay particular attention to the sky. I asked him why and he said that the spectrum is changing.

Q: What am I looking for in the sky?

A: Hues, increased rainbow effect, depth perception variations. If you really look with a conscious mind you will see that the colors are deepening, and become more dimensional. In the sky you are able to focus in on the color blue and the complexities now apparent with it.

(He was a part of the sky when I was talking to him this morning.)

Q: What is happening to the spectrum?

A: It is broadening. Light is increasing due to many transitions and ascensions as you travel dimensionally. So the spectrum is also increasing along with you. The language to describe what is happening is only now being developed. Fortunately, the science on your planet is goi…

August 21st 2016 - The remembering and the illusion.


August 14th 2016 - Celebrations.


August 7th 2016 - Meswsage from the Cosmic Mother

Life is carrying on with not being easy for me. All sorts of old health issues are popping up again for apparently no reason. At least no logical reason. So I am not surprised when it was the Cosmic Mary/Mother who contacted me this morning for the channeled message.

Her method of communication is very visual, not verbal. So a lot of this is my putting words to her expression.


Health, at this time not one dimensional, as if it ever was. However currently it is more apparent, your awareness is more acute. As said before this is the opportunity for great change, and great healing.

1) The awareness focus should be on the area of your body experiencing the health crisis. Be it your heart, your skin or your joints. Feel intuitively into that area, that pain for your understanding. Meditate as much as needed to achieve this. Look for descriptive words...

2) You may be surprised to find your physical body is responding to collective consciousness issues. This needs…

July 31st 2016 - Jophiel talks of confusion and change

What a crazy last two weeks… so many of us having a difficult time right now.  Even the planet feels like it is on the verge.

Jophiel is the Arch Angel of transformation and beauty which to me places her in the South direction.  This also talks to me of her being beginnings, rising up, and of the element of fire.  Creation rising out of the ashes becoming the beauty way.



It is time for me to speak again of the place you find yourself all in.  This place of confusion and change.   Confusion of the heart/mind as it weaves its way through the multifaceted aspects of your journey.  The unveiling that is going to occur next will help you understand this confused ending/beginning.

We can speak of it as the next firing on the empaths, even though it is not occurring on a conscious level it is indeed your continued initiation.  Most of you have been in two minds.  One of them is the physical and that is what you are aware of... what you are remembering.  The other has been on the p…