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My message from July 9th 2016, not channeled but an account of my experiences lately.

Cutting through the fog July 2 2016

Last week I had some advice from Aza come through in regards to anxiety created by spirit or lowered and slowed energy.  Aza has reworded it so i can post for you all as my channeled message this Sunday.


Cutting through the fog:

From time to time you, as emphatic mediums are subject to area influences from residual imprints and confused spirit forms.  I would also add in trapped psychic energy.  It can create a fog that makes it hard to focus and actually protect yourself from anxiety.  How many of you know of places you go to (The Mall?  Certain Parks?) where you have an illogical anxiety come over you, and your focus is so muddled that you can not effectively deal with it?

If only you could cut through the fog and ground yourself again right?

Here are some tips on how to deal with this problem:

1) Recognition is always the first step.  What is it that is actually happening.  So you need to pause and self assess.
2) Is it from a residual imprint?  Spirit? Or trapped Psychic energy?
3) …