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Age Part two by Aza June 26th 2016

I do not always make it easy for my Guides and Aza is more than just a Guide to me. At times I am so set on being in the physical. I deny my contact with them often when I need it the most. Of course from my ego based brain I go straight to “why are you not helping me?” I bring this up because just before reconnecting to complete part two of Aza’s message he was speaking to me of this and a moment I had yesterday. His suggestion for a future message is to address this state I get into at times as it will help others too. He was giving me some tips on how to recognize and move past it when it happens. Something to look forward to next Sunday.
 Here is Part Two of Aza’s message on age:
5. The age of enlightenment is a familiar phrase for you. This is an age that you are all in the latter half of, and also an age that the Gaia itself is in. The age of enlightenment is something that happens also when one enters the wisdom years of life. The pattern of it is to…

Age Part One by Aza - June 22 2016


June 13 2016 - message from my higher consciousness and the collective conscious.

I had some deep coinciding with the tragic events in Orlando yesterday. It stopped me in my tracks because I along with all of us need to do processing on a spiritual level. Until that has happened I will be in this state of disruption.



This message is from my higher consciousness and its connection to the collective consciousness.
Now is a time to properly and fully grieve the conditions we have created on this planet and in this life time which led to this shooting in Orlando. 

Reconnect to source/god of your choice as you connect to the part of you that is Omar Mateen.

Notice that the emotional reaction we are all experiencing comes from the emotional state of this man. Send healing to all those involved. Be open to receiving spiritual healing. Acknowledge fear, experience it so you can transcend it. Cry. Think deep before you medicate in any way and that includes drinking or recreational drugs.

Not having an emotional reaction like grief and fear aft…