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Putting a sign around my neck that says,"Call me on it"!

With the events of this summer plus personal goals I set for the year I have made a rather large self discovery.  Well those are my thoughts, that this is a big deal for me because of how much of my life is influenced by this one thing.

For the last 15 years I have been filled with a regret over my back injuries.  Let me put this out simply and in the stages to which it happened.

Prior to the first injury in 2000 I was an extremely active person who prided myself in being capable.  I biked everyday, hiked everywhere, ran a full time before and after school daycare, was a noon our supervisor, and then an abundant list of odd jobs.  I usually had 13 hour days - but they were self employed hours so I was able to cope with working from my own home.  I also managed to have a good social life that included being away from home on weekends.  Then I came to a full stop for the first time with a back injury.  The doctors at the time could not tell me what happened.  I didn't discover what it…