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Putting a sign around my neck that says,"Call me on it"!

With the events of this summer plus personal goals I set for the year I have made a rather large self discovery.  Well those are my thoughts, that this is a big deal for me because of how much of my life is influenced by this one thing.

For the last 15 years I have been filled with a regret over my back injuries.  Let me put this out simply and in the stages to which it happened.

Prior to the first injury in 2000 I was an extremely active person who prided myself in being capable.  I biked everyday, hiked everywhere, ran a full time before and after school daycare, was a noon our supervisor, and then an abundant list of odd jobs.  I usually had 13 hour days - but they were self employed hours so I was able to cope with working from my own home.  I also managed to have a good social life that included being away from home on weekends.  Then I came to a full stop for the first time with a back injury.  The doctors at the time could not tell me what happened.  I didn't discover what it…

Coming soon - East Coast Adventures

As blogged earlier Robert and I are off on our drive across Canada to relocate in St. Johns Newfoundland.  We plan on leaving Sept 16th (a day after we had originally planned.)  At some point in the near future you will see me journaling our adventures on the East Coast under the title of "Okanagan Medium East Coast".  I will be back at some point and want to maintain my Okanagan Medium title for blogging and pages I manage while I am away.

Labador - Newfoundland! The Adventrure begins this fall.

I made a promise to Robert when he started this job with Valard construction.  The promise was anything east of Sask for longer than 6 months meant we would relocate.  Traveling back and forth across the country does not work for either of us.
Roberts work crew is off to Labrador at the end of September..  It looks to be a lot longer than 6 months so we are moving to the Avalon Peninsula - St. Johns area of Newfoundland this month.
I know this is short notice for a lot of you.  It was short notice for us also.
With this comes an opportunity for me to finally write that book I have been compiling all these years, and to get to see some places I have on my bucket list.  Iceland, Ireland, England (Stansted - Aurthur Findley college), Scotland, France (chasing the family genes) and Lily Dale New York.  I will be blogging and keeping all my Okanagan websites/Facebook/corporations/groups going while away.  You will see me change to Okanagan Medium East Coast for a little while.  I am loving it…

Grounding meditation for the 5th dimensional energies in 2015


Alien Message to mankind, Do you wish that we show up?

I found this on face book, great message.

Alien Message to mankind, Do you wish that we show up?