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Talk about Fibromyalgia ...

Every so often - I feel it is necessary to talk about Fibromyalgia and how it affects my life.  This summer and so far this fall most symptoms I have - have been under control.  THIS is a good thing.  Adjustments on what I take for my over all health and well being have also been working.  For the most part I take herbal based remedies - with the exception of two things -  One for HBP and the other for vertigo.

There are some symptoms that do not go away, or change.  These symptoms have been around since 2002.  The first is the pain.  I have not had a day that was 100% pain free since 2002, my pain is measured in degrees - a good day means I got it down to a 4.  Bad day, where I do not leave the house means it is around 9/10.  Please note that I also have a form of inflammatory arthritis and when it is a bad pain day the FM and AS have coupled up for a party in my joints and nerves.

The second symptom that has been persistent since 2002 is the one that gives me the most grief.  Funny - …

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