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What is Mediumship like for the Medium?

What is it like to be a medium?Is it scary or a blessing?Do mediums get to know things and have an advantage that others do not?

There is a need for a deeper understanding about how being a medium works for the medium him/herself – as opposed to how it works for others to contact a medium.
I was at Pagan Pride in Vernon on the first weekend in August this year and something interesting happened which got me thinking.I had an elderly women ask me if what I did scared me.I had never had anyone ask me that before so I took a moment to pause and think things through.I told her, “we are in service to others, how can that be frightening?”
When I was young and I had my first paranormal experiences I did find them frightening.However after finding my first teachers who reassured me with what was actually going on, I lost the fear quickly.
As an adult I know that the bottom line is that all psychic and/or mediumship abilities are in service to others.How can something that is in service to others …