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Nature of spirit guides/source/angels and the guidance they can give.

Something I am asked about as a medium is also something I often ponder for myself.   This question is also part of what I chose as my lesson in this life – I am certain of this because of how often this appears in my life.

Just what is the job of spirit guides in our lives?  What can we ask and expect an answer to?  Why is it that something’s they show us seem to have no point – like earthquake premonitions?  Why is it that when we are at our hardest lessons in life they seem to stand back and let us do all the work?
 These ponderings have taken me to the edge of my faith many times.  As those who know me can attest too, my life has never been a walk in the park.   Most days what brings me back from that edge is the knowledge that their are those out there that have much hard lives that I.  It is not hard to find those people.  I also have been able to step away from that edge by realizing it is not personal – almost everyone I know has hardships and troubles to get over.
Then the quest…